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  1. Inclusive design of school latrines - how much does it cost and who benefits? * (2011)
    Jones, Hazel; Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken
  2. Options for excreta disposal facilities. Supplementary module 5a (2000)
    WASHE (Water Sanitation Health Education) in Zambia; Water Sector Reform Support Unit
  3. Sanitation and communication situation analysis for peri-urban and rural areas in Zambia (1997)
    Wegelin-Schuringa, Madeleen; Ikumi, Pauline; IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre; Network for Water and Sanitation International (NETWAS)
  4. School sanitation latrine options (design and construction guidelines) (2002)
    Semakula, Paul; Ejangu, Joan; Victor, Drile; Uganda, Ministry of Health
  5. Water is life, sanitation is dignity. Sanitation preference and household latrine designs. Briefing Note 1 (Water Aid Ethiopia) * (2005)
    Ayele, Manyahishal
  6. Evaluation report of the double vault compost latrine project: Todos Santos and Cantanil Department of Huehuetenango, Republic of Guatemala (1998)
    Burrows, Hugues
  7. Small projects training manual: vol 3: sanitation (1987)
    Guoth-Gumberger, Marta; Guoth-Gumberger, Rudi
  8. Sanitation field manual for Kenya (1987)
    Mathenge, J.G.; Broome, J.M.; Njue, P.I.; Stoveland, S.; Waithaka, J.M.; Murray-Bradley, S.; Bhaiji, H.; Ooro, S.; Masai, N.M.; Kenya, Ministry of Health, Division of Environmental Health
  9. Design manual 6: guidelines for latrine selection and construction ( USAID Sri Lanka Project 383-0088) (1988)
    Sri Lanka, Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Construction; Sri Lanka, National Water Supply and Drainage Board
  10. A Collection of Contemporary Toilet Designs * (2014)
    Shaw, Rod; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)


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