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  1. Revisiting MDGs in view of accessibility with particular attention to distance: examples in Eastern Africa * (2016)
    Cassivi, A.
  2. Towards the Millennium Development Goals - Actions for water and environmental sanitation: Proceedings of the 29th WEDC Conference, Abuja, Nigeria, 2003 * (2004)
    Harvey, Peter
  3. Buried and semi-submerged water tanks * (1999)
    Skinner, Brian; Shaw, Rod
  4. Community contract system in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Innovative practice for achieving the Millennium Development Goals at the local level (2005)
    Jayaratne, K.A.; SEVANATHA Urban Resource Centre
  5. Emergency water supply in cold regions * (1999)
    Buttle, Mark; Smith, Michael; Shaw, Rod
  6. Household water treatment 1 * (1999)
    Skinner, Brian; Shaw, Rod
  7. Household water treatment 2 * (1999)
    Skinner, Brian; Shaw, Rod
  8. Making every drop count. Financing water, sanitation and hygiene in Sierra Leone (2005)
    Foxwood, Naomi; Tearfund; Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC)
  9. On-plot sanitation in urban areas * (1999)
    Saywell, Darren; Shaw, Rod
  10. Roadmaps for the water supply and sanitation MDGs: will they lead the way? * (2006)
    Visscher, Jan Teun; van Koppen, Paul; Uytewaal, Emma; Fonseca, Catarina; Fisher, Julie


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