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  1. Supporting simple and effective rural water supply monitoring by local government in Malawi * (2011)
    Scott, Owen
  2. When faecal sludge reuse doesn't work: a look at access for the poorest and people with disabilities in urban Malawi * (2018)
    Mallory, Adrian
  3. Developments of unplanned settlements in Lilongwe (1990)
    Kamera, Alaston
  4. Mzuzu water supply augmentation works (1984)
    Chavula, S.L.
  5. Using a computer to estimate refuse collection unit cost (1990)
    Msiska, P.C.B.
  6. Improving the efficiency of the Lilongwe water distribution system, especially water kiosks (1983)
    Mzumara, M.J.
  7. Improving water service to the urban poor of Lilongwe city (2001)
    Hanjahanja, Robert
  8. Making the case for improved planning, construction and testing of water supply infrastructure in Malawi * (2018)
    Mannix, Nick
  9. National water policy [Malawi]. Water and sanitation for all, always (2004)
    Ministry of water development; Malawi Government
  10. Social impacts and constraints of microcredit in the alleviation of poverty. A qualitative study of the Microcredit Program OPP - Orangi Charitable Trust, Karachi (2003)
    Rehman, Naheed; UCFS School of Medicine; Ismail, Aquila


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