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  1. A bridge too far: an analysis of WASH KAP study from four Indian states * (2014)
    Ray, A. Manbendra Nath
  2. A support information system for data management during project implementation: Application in Tanzania. * (2009)
    Pascual-Ferrer, Jordi
  3. A web-based communication and information system tool for water management in developing countries * (2009)
    Dondeynaz, Celine
  4. Adding value to development work: exploring impact assessment within a Philippines water supply project * (2014)
    Kim, Steve
  5. Akvo FLOW in Nepal: real time monitoring of WASH services * (2014)
    Lama, Jigmy Palzor
  6. Anammox treatment performances using polyethylene sponge as a biomass carrier * (2014)
    Tran, Hoa Thi Hien
  7. Assessing on-site systems and sludge accumulation rates to understand pit emptying in Indonesia * (2014)
    Mills, Freya
  8. Bringing toilets back to Kumasi's compound houses: landlord and tenant behaviours and motivators * (2014)
    Mazeau, Adrien P.
  9. Children: a vital component for achieving total sanitation and associated benefits (Bangladesh case study) * (2014)
    Loughnan, Libbet
  10. Closing the knowing-applying gap in water utilities: experience from Uganda's NWSC * (2014)
    Mvulirwenande, Silas


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