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  1. Water distribution network design: a case study (1988)
    Bakir, H.
  2. Leakage control in Riyadh (1988)
    Al-Salem, Hamed S.
  3. Treatment of wastewater in Dheisheh Refugee Camp, West Bank of Jordan (1986)
    Fadayel, Suleiman Nicola
  4. Review of solar desalination options with focus on MENA region (2010)
    Khater, Dina
  5. West Bank water in perspective (1991)
    Anabtawi, Raed
  6. A baseline health and population assessment for the upgrading areas of Amman. A report to the Municipality of Amman Urban Development Department Amman-Jordan (1982)
    The Population Council, West Asia and North Africa
  7. Reducing leakage from water supply and distribution systems in the Gulf States (1987)
    Shyam Babu, V.S.
  8. PPP and the Poor: Case Report 1 - Karachi, Pakistan * (2003)
    Ahmed, Noman; Sohail, Muhammad; Khan, Saleemullah; Ahmed, Iftekhar; NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi; Sohail, M.


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