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  1. Groundwater pollution in urban Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Assessing vulnerability and protection priorities (PhD thesis Eindhoven University of Technology) (2002)
    Mato, Rubhera Rukumbuja Aloyce Mtani
  2. Rainfall to leachate - a case study in Nicaragua (1998)
    Mori, I.
  3. Reservoir water management (Pequenos Limbobos dam) (1994)
    Saranga, Suzana da Graca
  4. Sensitivity analysis in water distribution network design (1990)
    Kasendwa, F.X.
  5. The effect of coagulant addition on model sludge blanket clarifiers (1994)
    Selassie, M. Haile
  6. A model for the planning and design of low income settlement projects (1996)
    Demissie, Eskendir Alemseged
  7. Affordable urban infrastructure (1995)
    Jusof, Mohd Jalil Che
  8. Development of computer model for declining rate filters (1988)
    Mishra, N.K.
  9. Expert system for the selection of excreta disposal systems (1989)
    Larbi, E.O.
  10. Expert systems for the selection of sanitation systems in refugee camps (1990)
    Baetings, Erick


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