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  1. Computer spreadsheets for management in the Gezira irrigation scheme, Sudan (1989)
    Hashim, Fadl
  2. GIS and computer modelling: appropriate decision making tools for developing countries (2003)
    Deeming, Kieron
  3. Maintenance management in the Egyptian water sector: a case for smart maintenance * (2011)
    Heckman, Herrie
  4. Options analysis model for water demand management * (2011)
    Van Rooijen, Daniel Jozua
  5. Planning an urban centre. A case study: Brunei Darussalam (1999)
    Yassin, Mansor B.M.
  6. Reliability of estimating reservoir yield with generated data (1985)
    Metibaiye, J.W.E.
  7. Run length in declining-rate filtration (1992)
    Ssozi, Disan K.
  8. Help Manual for Rural Water Credit (2000)
    Venter-Hildebrand, Minnie; Mvula Trust
  9. Urban stormwater drainage design. Economic implications of changes in primary variables (1991)
    Okeia, Ferdinand Onyeche
  10. Water distribution network design: a case study (1988)
    Bakir, H.


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