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  1. Community Water and Sanitation Project, Inhambane Province, Final Project Evaluation for Care International Mocambique (Mozambique) (1998)
    Alfonso, J.F.; Nhassango, B. M.; Sutton, S; PRONAR; DA Maxixe; SWL Consultants
  2. Integrated Health, Water and Sanitation Project: Beira and Chibabava District, Sofala Province. Final evaluation (USAID/ Africare Project no 656-0217-G-00-3022-00) (1996)
    Tarrago, Oscar; Martinelli, Giorgio L.
  3. Low cost sanitation programme in Mozambique * (1997)
    Monteiro, P O
  4. Mozambique - low cost sanitation programme * (1995)
    Monteiro, Paulo Oscar
  5. Niassa Rural Water and Sanitation Project (Mozambique). Evaluation of the Information, Education and Communications (IEC) Component, Project 656-0217 (1995)
    Medical Care Development Internationl (MCDI)
  6. Postwar village hydro-power rehabilitation * (1997)
    Zimmermann, Johann
  7. Practical institutional support * (2001)
    Ikin, D O
  8. Promoting ecological sanitation in two small towns * (2001)
    dos Santos, F
  9. Rethinking capital cost contributions * (2001)
    Breslin, E
  10. Latrinas melhoradas manual (latrine improvement manual) (1994)
    Instituto de Desenvolvimento Rural (INDER); Programa Nacional de Saneamento a Baixo Custo


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