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  1. Reservoir water management (Pequenos Limbobos dam) (1994)
    Saranga, Suzana da Graca
  2. On-plot sanitation in low-income urban communities: Guidelines for selection * (1998)
    Cotton, Andrew; Saywell, Darren
  3. Assessing sanitation policy: A series of WEDC briefing notes * (2005)
    Tayler, Kevin; Scott, Rebecca; Salifu, Lukman; Shrestha, Guna Raj
  4. Decentralizing water and sanitation services in federated countries: an introductory review [third draft] (2007)
    Sansom, Kevin; Reed, Brian; Scott, Rebecca
  5. Flood mitigation on small urban water supply in developing countries (2002)
    Boivin, E.L.S.
  6. Mozambique national water report for meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Financial needs (2003)
    Government of Mozambique, Ministry of Public Works & Housing; National Directorate of Water Affairs
  7. Making use of available water and sanitation data through independent monitoring programmes * (2009)
    Sarkodie, Yaw Asante
  8. Small-scale private sector participation in Niassa, Mozambique. New rules, new roles. Does PSP benefit the poor? * (2003)
    WaterAid; Tearfund
  9. Multi-village water systems sustainability: the case of Chomba system in Mueda Plateau * (2011)
    Mecerreyes, Cristina
  10. SSIPs: a role in sustaining sanitation services to the urban poor * (2006)
    Scott, Rebecca


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