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  1. Prevention of oil spillages in the Niger Delta (2002)
    Ishiekwene, N.N.
  2. Shanghai Sewerage Project: important aspects of preliminary design. Paper presented at International symposium on River Pollution Control and Management. Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China, Oct 26-29 1987 (1987)
    Binnie & Partners consulting engineers; O'Dell, M; Baker, R.E.; Piggott, G.A.
  3. Urban sanitation in Zimbabwe and the relation to environmental pollution (1997)
    Taylor, P.; Mudege, N.R.; Institute of Water and Sanitation Development, Zimbabwe
  4. Wells and boreholes after disasters: problems, assessment and rehabilitation (2001)
    Rijdt, Martijn van de
  5. Social implications of pig waste management practices on pig farmers in Cyprus (2007)
    Votsi, Eleni
  6. Urban environmental guidelines for Nepal (1992)
    German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ); UDLE - Urban Development through Local Efforts project , Federal Republic of Ge; LUDTC - Local and Urban Development Training Centre, Pokhara
  7. Arsenic in Bangladesh. Report on the 500-village rapid assessment project (a Ministry of Health and Family Welfare-UNDP financed survey) (2000)
    Dhaka Community Hospital (DCH); UPOSHON Bangladesh Arsenic Victims' Rehabilitation Trust
  8. China's Agenda 21 - white paper on China's population, environment and development in the 21st century (1994)
    State Planning Commission; State Science and Technology Commission
  9. Groundwater as a source of water supply in Zambia (1985)
    Mwanamwenge, P.K.
  10. Groundwater pollution in urban Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Assessing vulnerability and protection priorities (PhD thesis Eindhoven University of Technology) (2002)
    Mato, Rubhera Rukumbuja Aloyce Mtani


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