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  1. Bauchi State programme: Fourth National development plan 1981-1985 (1982)
    Bauchi State, Government of, Ministry of Economic Planning
  2. Bibliography [Guyana] ?1999
  3. WASH sustainability issues associated with the Home Grown School Feeding Programme in developing economies: a case study from Kaduna State, Nigeria * (2021)
    Alfa, Meshach
  4. Annual health bulletin 1999 (1999)
    Bhutan Government, Ministry of Health and Education; Department of Health Services
  5. A better strategy for rural water supply in Liberia (1989)
    Yarngo, George K.
  6. Irrigation policy exercise: main document (1990)
    Bhutan, Royal Government of; Irrigation Division, Agriculture Department; Ministry of Agriculture
  7. Self-help initiatives to improve water supplies in Eastern and Central Uganda, with an emphasis on shallow groundwater. A case study of the RWSN Self-Supply Flagship (2005)
    Carter, Richard; Mpalanyi, Joyce Magala; Ssebalu, Jamil; Water and Sanitation Program (WSP); WaterAid; RWSN
  8. Squatting with dignity: lessons from India (2010)
    Alok. Kumar
  9. Implementation of sanitation programme by Khardep, Nepal (1984)
    Sharma, R.K.
  10. Limited community led approach in implementation of the Clean India Programme in urban areas * (2018)
    Kumar, Chanchal


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