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  1. National hygiene and "on-site" sanitation protocol: to enable universal coverage of community-led improved hygiene and improved "on-site" sanitation in Ethiopia * (2006)
    Bibby, Simon; Ethiopia, Ministry of Health
  2. Resistivity practice in rural water exploration (1994)
    Johnston, Dara Peter
  3. The influence of real time learning in WASH programming * (2017)
    Padilla, Angela
  4. A programme for comprehensive rural water supply in the eastern province of Sierra Leone (1988)
    O'Sullivan, M.A.
  5. Community water and sanitation project: implementation manual (1995)
    Ghana Water and Sewerage Corporation (GWSC), Community Water and Sewerage Divi
  6. Statement of development policies 1987-1996 (1988)
    Malawi, Republic of
  7. Developing water and environmental sanitation (WES) policies and guidelines for Plan Indonesia [Distance Learning] (2006)
    Patra, Lalit Mohan
  8. Implementation of rural water supply programme in Botswana (1986)
    Masedi, O.A.
  9. Operation and maintenance data management in Etinan (1991)
    Ikon, Aniekan
  10. Overall requirements of rural gravity water supply in hilly regions of Nepal (1986)
    Shrestha, G.P.


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