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  1. Alternative pumping techniques, Botswana (1995)
    Khumomatlhare, B.
  2. Shallow wells and handpumps (1981)
    Mukumwa, J.A.
  3. The socio-economic impact of the treadle pump (1988)
    Orr, A.; Nazrul Islam, A.S.M.; Bangladesh Rice Research Institute
  4. Development of a water pump based on a car tyre (1985)
    Kabumu, D.M.
  5. La energ?a al servicio del sector rural. A: Cartilla del evaluacion tecnologica. 1: (1990)
    Hadzich, Miguel; Valverde, Quino; Canziani, Franco; Chavez, David; Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru; Departamento de Ingenieria
  6. Poster 043: The India Mark III handpump * (2013)
    Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken; McMahon, Glenda
  7. Tests on a rope-washer pump (1988)
    Koirala, H.R.
  8. Rope pump vs Nira AF85. A Ghanaian case study. (The case for the rope pump: a comparative analysis of microbiological water quality, costs and technical performance) (2004)
    Drouin, Thomas
  9. Treadle pump for irrigation in Zambia (1992)
    Mtonga, Jasper
  10. A village level operation & maintenance (VLOM) system for "WATSAN Project" handpump equipped boreholes in Nigeria (1988)
    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)


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