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  1. Pumps and pumping stations for sewage (1983)
    Papasozomenos, P.
  2. The development of the rope-washer pump (1990)
    Muhangi, J.K.S.
  3. Installation, operation and maintenance of contrifugal pumps (1983)
    Onyekwelu, E.N.
  4. "Do it yourself" technical manual for Uganda Two Hand pump mechanics (1995)
    Uganda, Directorate of Water Development; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  5. Community based water source and sanitation monitoring/maintenance systems - World Vision's experience in Luwero District: workshop notes, 1st July - 3rd August 1990, Kampala International Conference Centre (1990)
    World Vision
  6. G003: Apron slabs for water points: an engineer's guide * (2011)
    Skinner, Brian; Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken
  7. Handpump installation (1984)
    Charlish, M.J.
  8. Piloting private spare parts supply shops for Afridev handpump in Amhara to scale - up in country and beyond * (2009)
    Mihretie, A D S
  9. Plan de evaluacion de bombas centroamericanas en Honduras (evaluation plan for central american pumps in honduras): resumen del taller centroamericano de bombas manuales, San Pedro Sula, Honduras (1993)
    Grupo colaborativo del agua y saneamiento de Honduras; Brand, Anthony
  10. Poster 027: Handpump installation - Part 1 of 3 * (2013)
    Chatterton, Ken; McMahon, Glenda


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