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  1. Water Master Planning in rural areas of developing countries - A case study from Malawi * (1987)
    Burton, M
  2. Water resources investigations for rural water supply development in Malawi * (1987)
    Shela, O N
  3. A market-based approach for sustainable rural water supply: experiences from Tanzania * (2016)
    Maltha, A.
  4. A transition for all: equity and community engagement in the transition of water supply management to utilities in refugee settlements in Uganda * (2021)
    Allen, John
  5. Accelerating self supply. A case study from Mali * (2010)
    Sutton, Sally; Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN)
  6. Accelerating self supply. A case study from Zambia * (2010)
    Sutton, Sally; Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN)
  7. Applying a community scorecard for rural water services in Timor-Leste * (2017)
    Whalen, Michelle
  8. Decision support system tool for the evaluation of sustainability of rural water supply services * (2018)
    Horecha, Alazar Negash
  9. Do rural water supply interventions contribute to gender and social equality? A mixed methods systematic review * (2021)
    Soto, Adriana
  10. Lessons learned from a consortium model for rural WASH: experiences of the DRC WASH Consortium * (2016)
    Jones, Stephen


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