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  1. Social acceptance of rainwater harvesting systems in rural areas: case study – Los Santos (Santander, Colombia) * (2021)
    Prieto, Diana
  2. The sustainability of water supply schemes in Mirab Abaya and Alaba Special Woreda; SNNPR; Ethiopia * (2009)
    Jeths, Martine
  3. The Swajal Project, Department of Rural Development, Government of Uttar Pradesh (UP Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Project)
    Government of Uttar Pradesh; Department of Rural Development
  4. Assessing the potential for self-supply in Zambia * (2009)
    Munkonge, Malama
  5. Energy and development in developing countries * (2011)
    Curd, Natalie R.
  6. Enhancing sector data management to target the water poor * (2009)
    Gineacute; Garriga, Ricard
  7. Evaluation techniques for household water treatment projects: Biosand filter pilot project in Lao PDR * (2009)
    Bhandari, Betman
  8. Financial sustainability of rural water supplies in Western Kenya: comparing technology types and management models * (2013)
    Adams, Alida
  9. Kanchan arsenic filter: Evaluation and applicability to Cambodia * (2009)
    Uy, Davin
  10. Lessons learned from drinking water safety and security planning in Vanuatu: 2016-2020 * (2021)
    Keimel, Annaliese


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