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  1. Building consensus for small town water supply management models in Lao, P.D.R. A.3. Private sector mapping * (2004)
    Water Supply Authority (WASA); Lao People's Democratic Republic
  2. How small water enterprises can contribute to the Millennium Development Goals: Evidence from Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Khartoum and Accra * (2006)
    McGranahan, Gordon; Njiru, Cyrus; Albu, Mike; Smith, Mike; Mitlin, Diana
  3. How water kiosks can improve access to water for the urban poor * (2006)
    Smith, Mike
  4. Cost and energy implications of leakage in water distribution networks in County Galway [Distance Learning] (2010)
    Ramlagan, Kaylass
  5. Delegated water supply management: case studies from Lilongwe and Blantyre (2011)
    Sattler, Klaus
  6. Evaluation of the EU contribution for financial year 1998/1999 to the Sector Support Programme for Community Water Supply & Sanitation (SSPCWSS) (Financing Agreement SA/73200-98/17) (1999)
  7. Legislation and the development of non-state providers for water supply services in Lao P.D.R. [Distance Learning] (2005)
    Meadley, Thomas Rupert
  8. Small water enterprises in Africa 4 - Ghana: A study of small water enterprises in Accra * (2006)
    Sarpong, Kwabena; Abrampah, Kodjo Mensah; Njiru, Cyrus; Smith, Mike
  9. Small water enterprises in Africa 2 - Kenya: A study of small water enterprises in Nairobi * (2006)
    Oenga, Isaak; Kuria, David; Njiru, Cyrus; Smith, Mike
  10. Small water enterprises in Africa 3 - Sudan: A study of small water enterprises in Khartoum * (2006)
    Elamin, Mohamed; Gadir, Abdel; Njiru, Cyrus; Smith, Mike


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