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  1. Developing an appropriate social marketing strategy for sanitation in Srikakulam District in Andhra Pradesh (1996)
    Murthy, B. Kinnera; Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI); United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  2. Do rural water supply interventions contribute to gender and social equality? A mixed methods systematic review * (2021)
    Soto, Adriana
  3. Following-up on Successful Sanitation Situations * (2017)
    Hanchett, Suzanne
  4. Orangi Pilot Project: reminiscences and reflections (1996)
    Khan, Akhtar Hameed
  5. Selling soap and latrines in Madagascar and Djibouti: results of marketing surveys * (2017)
    Heath, Tom
  6. Urban household expenditure survey 1979/80 (1983)
    Malawi Government. National Statistics Office
  7. DFID guidance manual on water supply and sanitation programmes * (1998)
    Water and Environmental health at London and Loughborough (WELL); London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM); Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  8. A report on social marketing on solid waste management: the Jagna experience (initial implementation) * (2008)
    Bigornia, Conchita Gloria; Eco-Gov
  9. Creating environments to support participation of people with disabilities in public service delivery * (2016)
    Mvere, Charity
  10. Nigeria: poverty in the midst of plenty: the challenge of growth with inclusion - a World Bank Poverty Assessment (Report No 14733-UNI) (1996)
    World Bank; Africa Region


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