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  1. Refuse management in Kumasi (1981)
    Edmundson, A.R.; Kumasi University of Science and Technology
  2. Solid waste management in refugee camps: a case study from Myanmar * (2015)
    Di Bella, V
  3. A manual on composting techniques (1996)
  4. Recycling practice among students in Loughborough: a case of Chinese students (2005)
    Hu, Jingying
  5. Improving management of municipal solid waste in India. Overview and challenges (2006)
    Hanrahan, David; Srivastava, Sanjay; Ramakrishna, A. Sita; World Bank South Asia Region
  6. Informal waste workers on Lagos dumpsites: analysis of gender difference in sources of livelihood * (2015)
    Obadina, A.
  7. Is strategic planning the answer to solid waste management in Accra? [Distance Learning] (2005)
    Duff, Amanda
  8. Miscellaneous Papers from the Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay (Solid Waste Management Department), and an Outline of Civic Activities (1993)
    India, Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay
  9. Solid fuel block out of waste biomass. The Cuba case. Small Scale Urban Waste Management for Energy Production. Phase 2. Consolidated report (2002)
    Martirena, Fernando; Seijo, Pedro; CIDEM. Central University of Las Villas
  10. Solid waste management study of Bharatpur Rajasthan (1999)
    Asian Centre for Organisation Research and Development (ACORD); UNDP - World Bank Regional Water and Sanitation Group (South Asia)


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