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  1. Institutional arrangements for private sector involvement in urban solid waste collection: Case study of five cities in Ghana * (2009)
    Oduro-Kwarteng, Sampson
  2. Selection of landfill gas utilisation options for developing countries: a case study in Thailand (2003)
    Jaroenpoj, Souwalak
  3. Shifting from public shared toilets to home toilets in urban settlements: Implications of household demand in Kumasi; Ghana * (2009)
    Oduro-Kwarteng, Sampson
  4. Solid waste management in Akure town project (1983)
    Osewa, C.A.
  5. Solid waste management in pilgrim towns (1992)
    NEERI National Environmental Engineering Research Institute; CPHEEO Ministry of Urban Development, India
  6. Towards an effective primary solid waste collection system in Lokoja Metropolis (1996)
    Michael, Sunday Yemiola
  7. Training for solid waste management in Yemen (1991)
    Scheu, Manfred
  8. Waste pickers in Dhaka: Using the sustainable livelihoods approach - Key findings and field notes * (2001)
    Rouse, Jonathan; Ali, Mansoor
  9. Urban environmental management: the Indian experience (1996)
    Human Settlement Management Institute (HSMI), New Delhi; Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO); Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Rotterdam; Singh, B.N.; Maitra, Shipra; Sharma, Rajiv
  10. An investigation into geotechnical aspects of landfilling - a case study of Gaza (1998)
    Mortaja, R.S.


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