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  1. St. Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority annual report April 2009 - March 2010 (2010)
    St. Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority (SLSWMA)
  2. Stakeholder analysis in local solid waste management schemes - supplementary section * (1998)
    Snel, Marielle; Ali, Mansoor; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC); Water and Environmental health at London and Loughborough (WELL); London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)
  3. The sweeping business: Developing entrepreneurial skills for the collection of solid waste * (2001)
    Ali, Mansoor; Cotton, Andrew
  4. A report on social marketing on solid waste management: the Jagna experience (initial implementation) * (2008)
    Bigornia, Conchita Gloria; Eco-Gov
  5. An appraisal framework: Energy From Waste (EFW) plants for developing countries (2003)
    Vordoagu, Willy C.K.
  6. Android application turning trash into cash: an innovative approach on solid waste management in urban areas * (2017)
    Sirait, Mita
  7. Down to earth: Solid waste disposal for low-income countries * (1999)
    Ali, Mansoor; Cotton, Andrew; Westlake, Ken
  8. Linking relief and development: learning from solid waste management in Kukes, Northern Albania (2000)
    Rutherford, Sam
  9. No fire without smoke! A critical look at municipal and hazardous waste incineration (1996)
    Chaturvedi, Bharati; Agarwal. Ravi
  10. Primary collection of solid waste in Faisalabad, Pakistan: draft final report (1996)
    Ali, Mansoor; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)


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