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  1. Recycling practice among students in Loughborough: a case of Chinese students (2005)
    Hu, Jingying
  2. Solid waste management in developing countries: a case study of Dar Es Salaam City, Tanzania * (2016)
    Kassim, S M
  3. Solid waste management through source separation at household in University of Benin, Nigeria (2010)
    Orewa, Ngozi-Pope Sylvia
  4. The informal sector and waste paper recovery in Bombay (1996)
    van Beukering, Pieter; Schoon, Edwin; Mani, Ajit; Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM); Vrije Universiteit; Intervention (India) Pvt. Ltd
  5. Employment creation through privatized waste collection, Kenya. Identification of current SWM practices and scope for ILO support in Nairobi Kenya * (2001)
  6. Improving and expanding solid waste collection in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Final solid waste management plan: collection strategies - USAID LAG-1-818-99-00009-00 Task Order 818, SUM IQC (2004)
    Research Triangle Institute (RTI); PT Deserco Development Services; USAID US Agency for International Development
  7. Integrated solid waste management: Decentralised service delivery case study of Nakuru municipality, Kenya * (2013)
    Mwanzia, Patrick
  8. Landfilling healthcare waste. Sustainable method of disposal or threat to public health? (1997)
    Bostoen, Kristof
  9. Professional Development course: Solid Waste Management (Distance Learning) * (2010)
    Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  10. Rainfall to leachate - a case study in Nicaragua (1998)
    Mori, I.


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