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  1. Department of Water Affairs and Forestry. Annual report 1997 - 1998 (1998)
    Cosser, Elaine; South Africa, Department of Water Affairs and Forestry; Republic of South Africa
  2. Municipal environmental decision-making (2004)
    EnAct International
  3. Playing a trump card. SNV and local governance in East and Southern Africa: a synopsis
    Schuthof, Moniek; SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
  4. Republic of South Africa. Government Gazette. Staatskoerant van die Republiek van Suid-Afrika, Vol 432 No 22355, Regulation Gazette No. 7079, Cape Town, 8 June 2001. Water Services Act 1997 No. R. 509 * (2001)
    Republic of South Africa
  5. State of the environment for the City of Cape Town. Summary - year four 2001 (2001)
    City of Cape Town
  6. Water demand management advice to Mogale City Local Municipality - Report 2 * (2007)
    Southall, Andrew
  7. A draft position paper for water allocation reform in South Africa. Towards a framework for water allocation planning. Discussion document * (2005)
    South Africa, Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
  8. A guide for the health related assessment of the quality of water supplies (1996)
    South Africa, Department of Water Affairs and Forestry; South Africa, Department of Health
  9. Bibliography on soil erosion and sediment production research in Southern Africa (S.A.A.G Occasional Publication Number 1, December 1989) (1989)
    Weaver, Alex; Southern African Association of Geomorphologists; S.A.A.G
  10. DDP [Decentralised Development Planning] Plan Press Newsletter Vol 1, Feb 1999 (1999)
    South Africa, Department of Constitutional Development; Republic of South Africa


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