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  1. The Ubombo Family Wells Programme. Final report (1999)
    Deverill, Paul; Nash, Stephen; Still, David; Partners in Development; Mvula Trust; AusAID
  2. Water and Sanitation for all: practical ways to improve accessibility for disabled people * (2005)
    Bannister, M.
  3. Water filter for your home. Technical guide (1987)
    Sadzik, P.; National Institute for Water Research; CSIR; Appropriate Technology Division; South Africa, Department of Health and Population Development
  4. A protocol to manage the potential of groundwater contamination from on site sanitation (includes 2 computer disks) * (1997)
    National Sanitation Co-ordination Office (NaSCO); Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF); Directorate of Geohydrology
  5. An integrated development planning process manual
    Coetzee, Maria; Feldman, Marc; Royston, Lauren; CSIR
  6. Integrated water resource planning and CMA bulk water supply studies. Consolidated summary report (2002)
    City of Cape Town: Water Services
  7. Republic of South Africa. Government Gazette. Staatskoerant, Vol 418, No 21126, Pretoria, 26 April 2000. White paper on Municipal Services Partnerships (2000)
    Republic of South Africa; South Africa, Department of Provincial and Local Government
  8. Sustainable urban water management in Cape Town; South Africa: Is it a pipe dream? * (2009)
    Carden, Kirsty
  9. The cholera outbreak: a 2000-2002 case study of the source of the outbreak in the Madlebe Tribal Authority areas, uThungulu Region, KwaZulu-Natal * (2002)
    Cottle, Edward; Deedat, Hameda; Rural Development Services Network (RDSN)
  10. The strategic role of water in sustainable economic growth and development: The case of South Africa * (2009)
    Manase, Gift


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