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  1. How to build an underground tank with dome (volume 80 cubic metres) (1992)
    Nissen-Peterson, Erik; ASAL Consultants
  2. G030: Septic tank and aqua-privy design * (2014)
    Reed, Bob; Medland, Louise; Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod
  3. Sedimentation in circular storage tanks (1981)
    Perry, J.D.
  4. Evaluation of ferro-cement tanks and their rain water harvesting component as constructed during the UNICEF Namibia Northern Regions Water and Sanitation Programme of 1993 and 1994 (1997)
    Geling, Saskia; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  5. Poster 064: Ferrocement tanks for water storage * (2013)
    Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken; McMahon, Glenda
  6. Sustainable sewerage: Guidelines for community schemes (1995)
    Reed, R.A.
  7. Thana and Union Parishad Rural Works Handbook for construction and reclamation of tanks (Section 1) (1976)
    USAID US Agency for International Development
  8. maual on water tanks (1982)
    Mabuba, P.B.
  9. Study on sanitation implications on water supply investments. Seychelles Infrastructure and Environment Project. Final draft (1991)
    Purhonen, Osmo; UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program; Regional Water and Sanitation Group East Africa (RWSG-EA)
  10. Time and motion assessment of pit emptying operations in Kigali, Rwanda * (2021)
    Rutayisire, Bruce


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