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  1. West Java rural water supply project OTA 33 (0-9-a): rainwater collectors for villages in West Java: ferrocement as construction material: low-cost ferrocement rural water supply system: ferrocement applications (1982)
    IWACO B.V.; Indonesia, Ministry of Public Health; Netherlands, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Hofman, Hans
  2. Analysis of faecal sludge collection efficiency for improvement in developing countries * (2016)
    Flamand, Pierre
  3. Examining the local financing of rainwater harvesting (RWH) in low-income settlements of Enugu, Nigeria * (2018)
    Ezenwaji, E E
  4. Health and safety practices among pit and septic tank emptiers * (2021)
    Tamba, Godfrey
  5. The use of inclined plate sedimentation tanks as a water treatment stage and an assessment of their use for treating turbid water in emergencies (2011)
    Jamous, Walid
  6. Status and strategy for faecal sludge management in the Kathmandu valley [published in collaboration with the Water for Asian Cities Programme, UN-Habitat, Nepal.] * (2011)
  7. Nam Dinh Urban Development Project: septage management study * (2001)
    Klingel, Florian; Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC); EAWAG/SANDEC
  8. Construction de citerne de captage des eaux de pluies (impluvium): manuel de formation des ouvriers macons (construction of rainwater collection tanks: manual for masonry workers) (1997)
    Centre Regional pour l'Eau Potable et l'Assainissement a faible cout (CREPA)
  9. Inlet zones of sedimentation tanks (1991)
    Teklemariam, A.
  10. Philippine Environment Governance 2 Project (EcoGov 2). Septage management in the Philippines: current practices and lessons learned * (2007)
    Bowyer, Jeffrey; Development Alternatives Inc; USAID US Agency for International Development


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