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  1. A Collection of Contemporary Toilet Designs * (2014)
    Shaw, Rod; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  2. Sanitation demand and supply in rural Bangladesh : rapid assessment to identify supply chain challenges * (2014)
    Baetings, E; Farhat Ubaid, S.; Haque, R.
  3. Urine diverting dry toilets as appropriate adaptation to flood prone areas in cities of developing countries * (2015)
    Lako, S.M.
  4. Sanitation technology transfer from UK festivals to migrant camps in Greece * (2016)
    McManmon, Thomas G.
  5. Challenges and opportunities of resource oriented sanitation toilets in Arba Minch; Ethiopia * (2009)
    Kassa, K
  6. WASH I Report on QIS data analysis : findings from the first round 2012 - 2013 * (2014)
    Jacimovic, R.; Ahmed, M.; Bostoen, K.
  7. Resource-oriented toilet: a sustainable sanitation option adopted in Arba Minch; Ethiopia * (2009)
    Shewa, W
  8. Why do women in India not use public toilets? : patterns and determinants of usage by women in Warangal City * (2017)
    Reddy, Malini
  9. LGBTI and sanitation: what we know and what the gaps are * (2017)
    Hueso, Andres
  10. Making sanitation accessible to all: accessibility audit of public toilets in Ujjain City * (2018)
    Kumar, Chanchal


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