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  1. Understanding household demand for water: the Metro Manila case. IDRC research report * (1997)
    David, Cristina C.; Inocencio, Arlene B.; International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
  2. Water and sanitation priorities for 1990s (1991)
    Dulal, Ichha Ram; Bhutan Government, Department of Works and Housing
  3. Water use in ethni-cities. Understanding the impact of cultural and religious water use (2005)
    Smith, Andrew
  4. PPP with local informal providers aimed at improving water supply in the peri-urban areas of Maputo, Mozambique * (2011)
    Chaponniere, Emmanuel
  5. Economic/project appraisals and financial analysis studies.Part two: Utopia growth point - a case study. A step by step compilation of technical and financial data to frame an economic infrastructure in an urban growth point and a study of economic viability of future infrastructure options. (1990)
    Swedish Association of Local Authorities (SALA)
  6. Financing strategy of the urban wastewater sector in selected municipalities of the Sichuan Province in China. Programme of dialogue and co-operation with China. Interim report from the 1st phase of the project: baseline scenario analysis * (2003)
    Centre for Co-operation with Non-Member (CCNM); Environment Policy Committee
  7. Housing for the poor: failure of formal sector strategies (2000)
    Hasan, Arif
  8. Lessons from Karachi: the role of demonstration, documentation, mapping and relationship building in advocacy for improved urban sanitation and water services * (2008)
    Pervaiz, Arif; Rahman, Perween; Hasan, Arif; International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
  9. Parallel networks: acceptability of public services in low-income city communities of Dar es Salaam (2014)
    Hekel, Daniel C.
  10. Philippines environment monitor 2003. Water quality * (2003)
    World Bank


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