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  1. Urban drainage and malaria control (2008)
    Gomez Vega, Gadea
  2. Water sensitive urban design (WSUD) guidelines * (2005)
    Melbourne City Council
  3. WaterAid learning for advocacy and good practice. Water and sanitation mapping in Nepal * (2006)
    Welle, Katharina; ODI, Water Policy Programme; WaterAid
  4. Best practices on solid waste management of Nepalese cities (2008)
    Dhakal, Rajib; Practical Action Nepal
  5. Coping strategies for acute urban water shortages, Harare, Zimbabwe (2007)
    Powell, Mark Garikayi
  6. Financing urban infrastructure for the poor : the case of Blantyre City, Malawi (1993)
    Tukula, F.C.J
  7. Phnom Penh - Asian Development Bank. Partnerships for a cleaner city. Lessons on managing the urban environment * (2008)
    Asian Development Bank (ADB); Japan Fund for Povery Reduction
  8. Reality studio. Students in Kisumu and Kabondo (2007)
    Lonn, John; Ostlund, Catarina; Chalmers University; Lund University, Sweden; Nairobi University; UN-HABITAT
  9. Rehabilitating urban water supplies after a disaster: assessment and priority setting (2005)
    Horiuchi, Kazuko
  10. The management of non-revenue water in Beijing (2014)
    Shi, Zesen


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