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  1. Looking up the pipe and down the drain: positioning sanitation within integrated water resource management * (2005)
    Fisher, Julie; Smits, Stef; IRC
  2. National water policy (1994)
    Zambia, Ministry of Energy and Water Development
  3. Water resources management support to Oromia Water Resources Bureau - Report 2 * (2009)
    Elsworth, Sandy; Feistel, Ulrike; Mott MacDonald
  4. Water resources management support to Southern Nations, Nationalities and People's Region Water Resources Bureau - Report 1 * (2010)
    Elsworth, Sandy; Feistel, Ulrike; Mott MacDonald
  5. Comprehensive and integrated water resources mangament. Ethiopian water resources management policy (2000)
    Ethiopia, Ministry of Water Resources
  6. Report on Tigray regional water partnership launching workshop: promoting integrated water resources management (IWRM), held on 20th to 22nd December, 2005, Mekelle, Ethiopia (2005)
    Jembere, Kidanemariam; Ethiopia Country Water Partnership (ECWP); Global Water Partnership, Eastern Africa
  7. Country report of the People's Republic of China. From The Hague 2nd World Water Forum 2000 to the Kyoto 3rd World Water Forum 2003 (2003)
    Chinese Ministry of Water Resources
  8. Decentralization of formal water institutions in Yemen from IWRM perspective * (2009)
    Al-Harithi, Nadia
  9. Ethiopian water sector strategy (2001)
    Ethiopia, Ministry of Water Resources
  10. National Water Development Project (NWDP) launch workshop: main document Mangochi, Malawi September 16-18 1996 - an overview of the findings of the water sector study (1996)
    Kankhulungo, Owen; Malawi, Ministry of Irrigation and Water Development


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