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  1. Effect of Lake Basaka expansion on the sustainability of Matahara SE in the Awash River Basin; Ethiopia * (2009)
    Olumana Dinka, Megersa
  2. Reservoir water management (Pequenos Limbobos dam) (1994)
    Saranga, Suzana da Graca
  3. Sustainable groundwater data management for Mukono district, Uganda: with special reference to water quality information (2001)
    Kato, Ronald
  4. The Somaliland national water strategy (2004)
  5. Atlas of Somali water and land resources (2009)
    Balint, Zoltan; Paron, Paolo; FAO Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM)
  6. Communication within multi-stakeholder platforms in water resource management: An Ethiopian case study * (2009)
    De Cosmi, D
  7. Community partnership for sustainable water management: experiences of the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) systems rehabilitation project - Volume V Environmental impact assessment (1998)
    Environment and GIS Support Project for Water Sector Planning (EGIS)
  8. Enhancing sector data management to target the water poor * (2009)
    Gineacute; Garriga, Ricard
  9. Getting the message across: an experiment in radio-based water resources management education in Malawi * (2018)
    Nhlema, Muthi
  10. Jamaica water sector policy paper * (1999)
    Jamaica, Ministry of Water


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