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  1. maual on water tanks (1982)
    Mabuba, P.B.
  2. The feasibility of domestic rainwater harvesting in Loughborough, UK: a social and financial analysis (2006)
    Moore, Jonathan
  3. Design manual for rural water supply in Bhutan (1998)
    SNV Netherlands Development Organisation; Prakke, Diederik; Bhutan Government, Ministry of Health and Education, Public Health Engineering
  4. Household water treatment and safe storage in Kitgum, Uganda and Makanya, Tanzania (2008)
    Komakech, Charles Hans
  5. Drawing water: A resource book of illustrations on water and sanitation in low-income countries * (2005)
    Shaw, Rod
  6. Small community rural water supply in difficult conditions on ADP's - tabkis/collector - surface - schemes (1987)
    Okoro, R.C.O.
  7. Water - reticulation, treatment, storage: updated design procedures and criteria for small supply schemes and township services (1990)
    Swedish Association of Local Authorities (SALA)
  8. Rural water supply design manual. Volume 2 (chapters 6-17). Design criteria and technical requirements (1989)
    VIAK AB Consulting Engineers and Surveyors
  9. Small-scale water supply: A review of technologies (2003)
    Skinner, Brian
  10. Pakistan safe drinking water and hygiene promotion project (PSDW-HPP) Endline evaluation final report * (2011)
    Abt Associates Inc.


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