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  1. Multi-faceted approach to introducing household water treatment technology in South Africa * (2015)
    Zulu, S.
  2. Water treatment with Chulli improved cooking stove in rural areas of Pakistan * (2015)
    Shaban Daud, P.
  3. Briefing on "Zai Water Treatment Plan" (2001)
    Jordan, Ministry of Water and Irrigation; LEMA; Jordan, Water Authority
  4. Adopting locally appropriate WASH solutions: a case study of rock catchment systems in South Sudan * (2014)
    Leclert, Lucie M C
  5. Aluminum electrocoagulation: defluoridation technology for Andhra Pradesh, India * (2014)
    Cherukumilli, Aruna
  6. Assessing household RWS functionality service levels: lessons from the field * (2014)
    Barakzai, S.Shiriin
  7. Chlorinating small water supplies; a review of gravity-powered and water-powered chlorinators * (2001)
    Skinner, Brian
  8. Climate change and water supply in the Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City * (2014)
    Dierx, Rik
  9. Effects of overlap in horizontal flow baffle flocculators (1994)
    Jabir, Asie Kemal
  10. Evaluation of distribution models for household water treatment products in Kenya * (2014)
    Meierhofer, Regula


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