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  1. Willingness-to-pay and design of water supply and sanitation projects: a case study * (2006)
    Gunatilake, Herath; Yang, Jui-Chen; Pattanayak, Subhrendu K.; Berg, Caroline van den; Economics and Research Department (ERD)
  2. Financing urban infrastructure for the poor : the case of Blantyre City, Malawi (1993)
    Tukula, F.C.J
  3. Reduction of commercial losses in Lagos distribution system (1998)
    Ogunlowo, Olufemi O.
  4. Understanding household demand for water: the Metro Manila case. IDRC research report * (1997)
    David, Cristina C.; Inocencio, Arlene B.; International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
  5. Water vending in urban areas of developing countries (1999)
    Forrest, Caroline
  6. Evaluation of a demand led biosand filter programme in the complex emergency context of Afghanistan [Distance Learning] * (2011)
    Burt, M.J.
  7. Households' roles, responsibilities and effective demand for improved solid waste management in Nairobi [Distance Learning] (2006)
    Afullo, Augustine
  8. Public private patnerships and the poor: the strategy planning process in Benguela and Lobito (Angola) [Distance Learning] (2006)
    Martinez, Guillermo Federico Tavara
  9. Sustainability of public standpost supplies in Katsina State Nigeria (2002)
    Yahaya, Abdurrahman
  10. Willingness to pay for arsenic-free, safe drinking water in Bangladesh (Fighting arsenic: listening to rural communities) (2003)
    Ahmad, Junaid; Goldar, B.N.; Misra, Smita; Jakariya, M.; Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC); Water and Sanitation Program - South Asia


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