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  1. Responding to service level demand: piloting trickle-feed distribution in South Africa (2001)
    Tipping, Jonathan J.
  2. Survey for the introduction of water demand management measures in rural areas of Lebanon (2015)
    Pierpaoli, Michele
  3. Survey of water use and needs in Meru District: report to the Water Resources Assessment and Planning Project, Kenya Ministry of Water Development (Kenya Research Project Working Paper No.7) (1990)
    Williams, K.G; Barine, K.M; Institute of Planning Studies, Department of Architecture and Planning, Univer
  4. Water in expanding cities - a case study of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India (Master of Science Degree Project) (1996)
    Bergh, Gunilla; Nordberg, Pia; Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden; KTH
  5. Willingness-to-pay surveys - a streamlined approach: Guidance notes for small town water services * (2003)
    Wedgwood, Alison; Sansom, Kevin
  6. Kabong urban poor work study. Draft (2005)
    WaterAid Nigeria; Yves Bee Limited
  7. Sector study water supply and sanitation. Vol 2. Present status (1986)
    Bangladesh: Ministry of Local Government; Netherlands: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  8. Northern Uganda Water Supply Services (NUWATER) Consultancy services for the baseline survey of water supply systems and services in Kitgum * (2010)
    ARD Inc
  9. Uzbekistan water supply, sanitation and health project: Kyzketken pilot project: community analysis and community participation (1998)
    Bentum, R. van; Binnie & Partners; Black & Veatch International; KEO International Consultants; Uzbekistan, Ministry of Macroeconomics and Statistics of Cabinet of Ministers
  10. Cheaper-water piped distribution versus handpumps [Distance Learning] (2015)
    Nzobambona, Diomede


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