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  1. Rural-urban transition and the peri-urban sanitation gap: evidence from Hyderabad, India * (2021)
    Hutchings, Paul
  2. A strategy for water and sanitation in periurban areas - a case study of institutional arrangements in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (1996)
    Ndebele, Pancho Patisani
  3. Challenges of developing a peri-urban water supply strategy in Ghana * (2017)
    Dotse, F Mawuena
  4. Future imperfect: waste management in India and pathways to sustainable policy frameworks * (2021)
    Prabhakar, Ashish
  5. Learning from Oxfam's Tiger Worm Toilets projects * (2017)
    Furlong, Claire
  6. Participacion comunitaria en agua y saneamiento (community participation in water and sanitation) Vision general del proyecto SEDAPAL-SUM Canada en Lima Metropolitana 1982-2000 (2000)
    Trevett, Andrew; Servicio Universitario Mundial del Canada (SUM Canada)
  7. Public-private partnership for inclusive sanitation in informal and peri-urban areas of Ouagadougou * (2016)
    Sow, J. A.
  8. Strengthening capacity of water utilities to provide water supply and sanitation services, environmental and hygiene education in a sustainable way to low income urban areas. Case study of Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company. National context; water and sanitation delivery to low income urban communities in Zambia * (2001)
    Water Utility Partnership (WUP)
  9. Drinking water service level of groundwater sources in Lambo Lasunwon Community, Ikorodu, Lagos * (2013)
    Ogunbajo, AbdulHakeem B
  10. Kumasi natural resource management research project: inception report: volume 1: main report (DFID Project R6799) (1997)
    Natural Resources Institute (NRI); University of Science and Technology Kumasi, Ghana; Blake, Barry; Kasanga, Kasim


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