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  1. Sanitation and hygiene in developing countries: identifying and responding to barriers. A case study from Madagascar * (2007)
    Newborne, Peter; Ranaivoarisoa, Alfred; Rabeantoandro, Francis; Overseas Development Institute (ODI)/Water Policy Programme (WPP)
  2. Strategic guidelines for improving water and sanitation services in Nairobi's informal settlements. 2009 * (2009)
    Nairobi City Water & Sewerage Company Ltd; Athi Water Services Board
  3. Sustainable livelihood security for vulnerable households in seven districts of Nyanza Province (Dak Achana) program. Water, Sanitation and Education for Health (WASEH) Project. Final project documentation October 2003 - September 2009 * (2010)
    Dak Achana
  4. Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation (SWSS) Project. Latrine and sanitation options manual * (2010)
    McGahey, Christopher; Flanagan, Minnie; ARD Inc; USAID Afghanistan
  5. The long road home:opportunities and obstacles to the reintegration of IDPs and refugees returning to Southern Sudan and the Three Areas. Report of Phase II: conflict, urbanisation and land * (2008)
    Pantuliano, Sara; Buchanan-Smith, Margie; Murphy, Paul; Mosel, Irina; ODI Humanitarian Policy Group
  6. Understanding sanitation demand to reach targets of 100 percent coverage * (2009)
    Umbach, Sandra
  7. Water from dry riverbeds. How dry and sandy riverbeds can be turned into water sources by hand-dug wells, subsurface dams, weirs and sand dams * (2006)
    Nissen-Petersen, Erik; Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA); ASAL Consultants
  8. Water from roads. A handbook for technicians and farmers on harvesting rainwater from roads * (2006)
    Nissen-Petersen, Erik; Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA); ASAL Consultants
  9. WaterAid learning for advocacy and good practice. Water and sanitation mapping in Nepal * (2006)
    Welle, Katharina; ODI, Water Policy Programme; WaterAid
  10. Willingness-to-pay and design of water supply and sanitation projects: a case study * (2006)
    Gunatilake, Herath; Yang, Jui-Chen; Pattanayak, Subhrendu K.; Berg, Caroline van den; Economics and Research Department (ERD)


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