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  1. Aborjona o Paribesh. A newsletter on waste management and recycling in Bangladesh. Issue 6, February 2001 * (2001)
    Waste Concern
  2. Design strategies and preliminary prototype for a low-cost arsenic removal system for rural Bangladesh * (2009)
    Mathieu, Johanna
  3. Excreta disposal in emergencies: A field manual * (2007)
    Harvey, Peter
  4. Improving water management and flood response. Romania Support to Enhance Privatization, Investment and Competitiveness in the water sector (SEPIC) final report * (2007)
    Chemonics International Inc; US Agency for International Development (USAID)
  5. Tools for water use and demand management in South Africa (2001)
    Herbertson, P.W.; Tate, E.L.; World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
  6. Waterless urinals: A proposal to save water and urine nutrient recovery in Africa * (2009)
    von Munch, Elisabeth
  7. Birzeit Water Drops - Official Bulletin of the Institute of Environmental and Water Studies (IEWS) Birzeit University - Palestine. BWD No.7 September 2009 * (2009)
    Institute of Environmental and Water Studies (IEWS); Mimi, Ziad A
  8. NETSSAF - A multidisciplinary collaboration towards sustainable sanitation in West Africa: Main results * (2009)
    Fall, Papa Abdoulaye
  9. Sanitation and hygiene in developing countries: identifying and responding to barriers. A case study from the Democratic Republic of Congo * (2007)
    Tearfund; PPSSP; Overseas Development Administration (ODA)
  10. Sanitation in Cambodia: a review * (2012)
    Davis, Ben; ADRA Cambodia


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