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  1. Linking natural disaster emergency relief and long-term development case study of post-tsunami 2004 in Sri Lanka (2005)
    Hayashi, Mayumi
  2. Linking relief and development: learning from solid waste management in Kukes, Northern Albania (2000)
    Rutherford, Sam
  3. Linking water pricing with users conservation behaviour in selected households in Lahore, Pakistan [Distance Learning] (2015)
    Fazal, Nosheen
  4. Long term operation and maintenance of rural water supplies in Idisha [Distance Learning] (2011)
    More, Pravin Santosh
  5. Maintenance of the Biosand filter explored [Distance Learning] (2010)
    Singer, Sarah
  6. Management and maintenance of urban drainage: a case study of Lagos - Nigeria (2008)
    Abdullahi, Idris Yahaya
  7. Management of hydrological drought in Malawi - a case study from Linthipe river basin (1996)
    Mikuwa, M. K.
  8. Management of non-revenue water in delegated management model. Case studies from Kisumu and Naivasha (2014)
    Abdulahi, Mansur
  9. Management of non-revenue water: a case study of the water supply in Accra, Ghana (2008)
    Adu Yeboah, Peter
  10. Management of waste from district hospitals: reducing risks based on case study of the Hosanna Hospital in Ethiopi (2012)
    Gebre, Michael H.


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