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  1. People and development. Experiences from Tanzania and Northern Pakistan (1992)
    Reynolds, Samantha
  2. Performance assessment of Asella town water supply and sewerage enterprise [Distance Learning] (2015)
    Bedaso, Amanuel Tussa
  3. Performance indicators - a case study of Zhuji water supply (China) (2012)
    Zhou, Encheng
  4. Performance of first-flush diverters in the UK (2008)
    Arita, Kazuhiro
  5. Performance of sari cloth protected biosand filter (2008)
    Jirma, H.A.
  6. Persistent practices. Influences of sedenterization on water, sanitation and solid waste developments. (The final pitch. Residual practices and perspectives following sedentarization of nomads in water, sanitation and solid waste) (2007)
    Darby, Timothy John
  7. Planning for solid waste collection in Mohammadpur area of Dhaka city using microcomputers (1994)
    Alam, Abul Bashar Mohammad Ashraful
  8. Point-of-use water treatment and safe storage - assessing the application to health and child nutrition programmes (2013)
    Harada, Miho
  9. Potential of rainwater harvesting for housing colonies in Kathmandu, Nepal: a case study (2013)
    Durbec, Sacha
  10. Practical approaches to minimize drinking water contamination risks: a case study in Faridpur, Banagladesh (2010)
    Kim, Han Chul


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