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  1. Clay brick well linings for isolated communities (1999)
    Godfrey, S.E.N.
  2. Clay, conductivity and rural water supplies. A hydrogeological investigation [CD of Excel spreadsheets held separately] * (2013)
    Clarke, Gary
  3. Cleaning of granular media filters (1991)
    Champiti, R.M.A.
  4. Climate change adaptation in the water and sanitation sector of Vietnam [Distance Learning] (2015)
    Alvarez-Sala, Jorge
  5. Collector wells in low-income communities (1999)
    Kingston, Keith S.
  6. Colour in industrial effluents: its impact and removal (2000)
    Trigg, Stephanie
  7. Coming out of the pit: the faecal sludge emptiers of Freetown, Sierra Leone (2010)
    Mikhael, Georges
  8. Communication within multi-stakeholder platforms in water resources management (2007)
    De Cosmi, Debora
  9. Community empowerment: a case study of Gram Vikas' water and sanitation work in rural Orissa, India (2006)
    Keirns, P.
  10. Community enterprises for collection of solid waste (2003)
    Babarinde, Olanrewaju Abiola


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