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  1. Arsenic in drinking water and governance issues: a case study from Italy * (2012)
    Melloni, Gian Maria
  2. Artificial groundwater recharge of the Wadi Aljizzi catchment, Sohar (1996)
    Al-Jabri, Kassim Mana
  3. Artificial recharge into the Kuwait group at Ar-Raudhafain (1982)
    Omar, Sara A. Alsayed
  4. Artisan training for public health with specific reference to Sierra Leone (missing) (1981)
    Davis, Jan
  5. Aspects of rural water supply in Uganda (1981)
    Ssentamu, S.M.
  6. Assessing potential success of Eco-San: a participatory process (2004)
    Gamez Paya, Cristobal
  7. Assessing sustainability indicators for handpump projects: the Mchinji Project in Malawi (2004)
    Taguchi, Yuki
  8. Assessing the impact of storage tank material on rainwater quality (2007)
    Qi, Shihua
  9. Assessing the potential of low-cost drilling in meeting the MDGs for water supply in Nigeria [Distance Learning] (2010)
    Adekile, Adedotun
  10. Assessing water losses in distribution networks: a case srudy of Brunei (2008)
    Azman bin Hj Mohd Salleh


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