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  1. A review of slow sand filtration in Zimbabwe (1987)
    Murungweni, L.N.
  2. A review of water demand management measures for Nairobi City (1992)
    Laichena, Geoffrey Kailikia
  3. A review of water demand management practices in Kaduna city, Nigeria (1998)
    Ambinjah, Esau Akungba
  4. A review on commonly used wastewater treatment options in India (2009)
    Shah, Aatman
  5. A role for constructed wetlands in Palestine? (1999)
    Callaghan, Brian
  6. A spreadsheet software for optimising refuse collection (1992)
    Diagne, Babacar
  7. A strategy for water and sanitation in periurban areas - a case study of institutional arrangements in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (1996)
    Ndebele, Pancho Patisani
  8. A study of deep groundwater in Bangladesh (2003)
    Rahman, Md. Saifur
  9. Accessible school latrines in Uganda: assessing implementation of accessible latrine designs in government aided primary schools in Kampala and Wakiso District, Uganda [Distance Learning] (2012)
    Kasumba, Nightingale
  10. Accessible toilets and hygiene promotion for disabled schoolchildren (2006)
    Nwosu, Maria Assumpta N.


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