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Water Engineering and Development Centre

Important information for authors

Conference presentations and events

Plenary, agency and exhibitor presentations

There will be plenary presentations featuring keynote speakers from across the world; agency events and exhibitions; and extended discussions occurring throughout the conference. These will be detailed in the timetable shortly before the conference opens.

Delegate presentations

There are two types of delegate presentations: themed presentations based on an ‘extended abstract’; and poster presentations based on a poster proposal.

Themed presentations
Presentations in the form of a pre-recorded presentation and a live discussion may feature direct accounts of projects or programmes that aim to share both successes and failures of approaches or field experiences, including lessons learnt. Some may be more lab-based and experimental. They may also introduce new knowledge developed with clear, rigorous methodologies and analysis.

We invite you to submit an extended abstract of your chosen subject with a view to presenting at the conference, using the Extended Abstract Template. For themed presentations, please note the abstract should be limited to two pages (including references) and should closely address an aspect of one of the topics listed above within the context of climate resilience. You will be asked to select one of the topics when you submit the extended abstract through our conference system. Only one extended abstract submission is permitted per author.

Posters will be displayed throughout the conference in our Poster Gallery. A selection of posters will be chosen, principally for relevance, comprehensibility and length, for inclusion in the live poster sessions where authors of the selected posters will be able to highlight key points for 3 to 5 minutes. Up to 8 presenters will be grouped together in each one hour session with discussions after the first set of four and again after the second set.

In the first instance, please submit a Poster Proposal. Only one poster is permitted per author.

For further information, please refer to the Guidance for Authors and Presenters.

To find out more about how themed presentations and posters are reviewed, click here.