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Rural water supply. Volume 1. Design manual

Author(s): Water Partnership Program (WPP)

Publisher: World Bank
Place of publication: Manila, The Philippines
Year: 2012


This RURAL WATER SUPPLY DESIGN MANUAL is the first of three related volumes

prepared for the use of prospective and actual owners, operators, managements,

technical staff, consultants, government planners and contractors of small Level III and

Level II water supply systems in the Philippines.

Its purpose is to introduce the key concepts and considerations involved in the design of

small waterworks facilities for Level II and III systems.1 For the technical persons,

hopefully it will facilitate their work by providing them with a ready resource reference

for their everyday use. For the non-technical readers, such as the many who are

involved in the management and operation of small water supply systems, hopefully it

will be an aid in understanding the design process, giving them a basis for participating

in decisions that would enable them to avail more usefully of the services of the

technical consultants and contractors they must deal with.

Overall, the local and international partners who cooperated in making these Manuals

possible hope that they will help the participants in the rural water supply sector to

understand better the nature of the water supply business, its responsibilities to the

stakeholders, and the role of the government agencies and regulatory bodies that seek

to help them operate sustainably while protecting the consumers.

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