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Wastewater treatment options

Author(s): Parr, Jeremy  |  Smith, Michael  |  Shaw, Rod

Publisher: WEDC | WELL
Place of publication: Loughborough University, UK
Year: 1999

Series: WELL Technical Brief 64
Collection(s): WELL


This Technical Brief reviews some of the options for wastewater treatment in low- and middle-income communities. It should be used as a guide to the main options available.

Wastewater management is a costly business. Once wastewaters (taken here to mean any combination of domestic sewage and industrial effluents) are produced and collected in sewerage systems, then treatment becomes a necessity. It is important to note that reducing the volume of wastewater produced and/or avoiding the need for sewerage and treatment in the first instance has many advantages; the decision to move away from properly implemented on-site sanitation should not be taken lightly.

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