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  1. Domestic solar disinfection of potable water * (1993)
    Smith, Michael
  2. Infrastructure for low-income communities. Proceedings of the 16th WEDC Conference at Regional Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies (RCUES) Osmania University, Hyderbad, India. 27-31 Aug 1990 * (1991)
    Smith, Michael D.
  3. Infrastructure for Palestinian Refugees * (1990)
    Smith, Michael D
  4. Sanitary investigations as a sanitation monitoring tool * (2000)
    Smith, Michael D
  5. Small scale chlorination using bleaching powder (1984)
    Smith, Michael D.
  6. Out in the cold: Emergency water supply and sanitation for cold regions - 3rd edition * (2004)
    Buttle, Mark; Smith, Michael
  7. Emergency water supply in cold regions * (1999)
    Buttle, Mark; Smith, Michael; Shaw, Rod
  8. Wastewater treatment options * (1999)
    Parr, Jeremy; Smith, Michael; Shaw, Rod
  9. G019: An introduction to water safety plans * (2014)
    Smith, Michael; Reed, Brian; Greaves, Frank; Shaw, Rod
  10. Report on a visit to evaluate public health conditions in refugee camps in the west of Honduras (Nov-Dec 1986) (1986)
    Smith, Michael D.; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)


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