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  1. Private sector participation in urban water supply * (2006)
    Cotton, Andrew
  2. Report on IRC Stream Workshop 16-18 June 1999. Final report. Consultancy report (1999)
    Cotton, Andrew
  3. Field water quality testing in emergencies [Quality Assurance: Andrew Cotton] * (2007)
    Harvey, Peter; Cotton, Andrew
  4. Implementing labour standards in construction: Briefing and guidance notes * (2005)
    Scott, Rebecca; Cotton, Andrew
  5. Learning from the past: delivery of water and sanitation to the poor in nineteenth century Britain * (2005)
    Fisher, Julie; Cotton, Andrew
  6. Learning lessons from sector studies: Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria and Kenya * (2000)
    Deverill, Paul; Cotton, Andrew
  7. On-plot sanitation in low-income urban communities: Guidelines for selection * (1998)
    Cotton, Andrew; Saywell, Darren
  8. Performance monitoring of micro-contracts for the procurement of urban infrastructure * (2000)
    Sohail, M.; Cotton, Andrew
  9. Process of change - field notes: Capacity building in primary collection of solid waste * (2000)
    Ali, Mansoor; Cotton, Andrew
  10. Sanitation and water for development in Africa: Proceedings of the 9th WEDC Conference, Harare, Zimbabwe (12-15 Apr 1983) * (1983)
    Cotton, Andrew; Pickford, John


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