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  1. Institutional strengthening for rural water supplies * (1994)
    Sansom, Kevin
  2. Managing the pipe dreams: Resources for the management of urban water services for all consumer groups - a CD compilation of a series of WEDC publications (2004)
    Sansom, Kevin
  3. Private sector participation in WATSAN services * (1997)
    Sansom, Kevin
  4. Serving all urban consumers: A marketing approach to water services in low- and middle-income countries - collection of Books 1-6 (2004)
    Sansom, Kevin
  5. Supporting non state providers of water services * (2006)
    Sansom, Kevin
  6. Water engineers and community management * (1996)
    Sansom, Kevin
  7. Customer relations management: part B - draft customer service guidelines: urban and sewerage authorities Tanzania (prepared by senior managers in urban water and sewerage authorities in Tanzania) * (2001)
    Coates, Sue; Sansom, Kevin
  8. Improving sanitation services: government engagement with Non-State Providers * (2006)
    Scott, Rebecca; Sansom, Kevin
  9. Improving urban water services: government engagement with Non-State Providers * (2007)
    Sansom, Kevin; Scott, Rebecca
  10. Lessons from DFID water and sanitation programmes in India: supporting change through a portfolio of projects * (2006)
    Sansom, Kevin; Fisher, Julie


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