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  1. Arsenic mitigation: Water quality of dug wells and tubewells * (2004)
    Ahmed, M.
  2. Community based disaster preparedness: strategic plan (1998-2002) (1997)
    Bangladesh Red Crescent Society
  3. Cost recovery for water supply, policy and practice in Bangladesh * (2004)
    Biswas, S
  4. Cyclone Preparedness Programme: programme description and plan of action 1998 to 2002 (1997)
    Bangladesh Red Crescent Society
  5. Lessons from DFID water and sanitation programmes in Bangladesh: supporting the provision of safe hygiene, sanitation and water for all * (2006)
    Scott, Rebecca; Sansom, Kevin; Ince, Margaret; Fisher, Julie
  6. Pre-evaluation design iron/arsenic removal plant (IRP/ARP) at Manikganj and Satkhira: report field trip to Manikganj and Satkhira (18 DTP Bangladesh) (1997)
    Berg, R. van den; DHV Consultants
  7. Sanitation demand and supply in rural Bangladesh : rapid assessment to identify supply chain challenges * (2014)
    Baetings, E; Farhat Ubaid, S.; Haque, R.
  8. Spatial information system for arsenic mitigation programs (draft) (1997)
    Environment and GIS Support Project for Water Sector Planning (EGIS II); Bangladesh, Government of; Ministry of Water Resources; Water Resources Planning Organization (WARPO)
  9. Trees and tenure. Proceedings of a discussion meeting held on 10 December 1987 at the Ford Foundation Guest House, Dhaka, Bangladesh (1987)
    Huq, Saleem; Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies
  10. Urban development and livelihoods of the poor in Dhaka * (2004)
    Khandoker, N


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